SWAT get together sometime this year or next. read for my idea


*S.W.A.T.* Member
Jun 21, 2014
Guys i know we have all been talking for a long time about some sort of swat meetup. Well best we have come up with is like getting a cabin or something. Well i found something that would actually be kind of what we do in most of the games we play.


Thats is a video of an airsoft event in cali. Basically its like all the fps games we have played cept for real life. I have been airsofting before and its a ton of fun and we would actually be able to work as a squad in a larger platoon in a situation like this. that way the gimps like my self and a few others can stick together to move slower. and so we dont hurt our selfs.

There are air soft events all over the US all the time so location is something we would just try and find. Or instead of an event like that we can find an area that has a few good Close quarters maps that we can hit while we spend a few days together. The second option may be the better option since it would cost less in the long run and still be a lot of fun.

So please watch the video and see if its something that we might all like to go do together. Even if its not your thing remember its more about meeting up and having a good time together.