Signature request thread


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Dec 13, 2009
USA - Eastcoast
Please copy over the form and fill in the blanks for what you would like.

Signature Request Form​

Main Text: Name

Sub-text: Quote

Size: Max Signature limits are - 400x200 currently

Layout: Vertical or Horizontal

Style: (grunge, abstract, male/female, etc.)

Theme: (war, game specific, render specific, etc.) Example: Dead or Alive 3

Color(s): Try and be as specific as possible, otherwise the person who creates it will do what they feel fits their creation.

Link to Render/Image: Provide if possible
*Please do not post bad quality pictures/renders. Poor quality pictures will result in a poor quality signature, so if we feel it will turn out bad - we will use a substitute.

Additional Comments:

? Please indicate if you would like a corresponding AVATAR included with the Signature.

? One sig per request will be made (please include if an avatar is needed upon request).

? Signature pick ups will be posted on the same thread as the request.

? C&C will be welcomed on all finished sigs etc.

(Please allow a couple of days for the request to be completed)