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Dec 9, 2007
Washington, DC
Here is a funny one for ya.

Okay, let me set the scene because it was one of the most funny/awkward moments I've had in a while.[/FONT][/COLOR]
I'm in line at the Providence Hospital Pharmacy and the dude in front of me can't pay for his 256.00 prescription. This dude happens to be a Priest and the first thing that popped into my head was "heh, I guess Jeebus doesn't provide health insurance..."

Yes, I'm an ******* but keep reading.

As he's getting ready to walk away from the counter and without thinking I offer to pay for his prescription. I guess he was a bit embarrassed as he turned 50 shades of red, and while going back and fourth about it I started scolding myself because although I would help out almost anybody I'm not too inclined to provide any assistance to any church.
So after getting him to agree to my offer a random seated woman starts yelling "God is good!" repeatedly. Out of nowhere I say "Woooah now, let's just stop right ****ing there. First of all I don't believe in all that mambo jumbo bull**** and I would do it for anyone."

The pharmacist starts laughing, a few people gasp, and Priest guy is at a loss for words. He looked at me in awe and said that he didn't know what to say. I told him that nothing needed to be said and to not worry about it.
So as he pulls this wad of cash from his robe I ask him how many times he's been robbed. As he begins to explain that he's never been robbed I interrupt and relay that it's only a matter of time if he walks around with that much cash on his person.
I think I made him feel really awkward as I didn't use any tact when speaking to him. As I signed for the remaining balance on his bill he reached out to shake my hand while introducing himself. After the handshake I stated "heeeeey, I didn't burst into flames, cool!" He awkwardly smiles, thanks me again, and walks away.

There were a few things that went through my head during the course of our interaction.

One being, why in the **** doesn't the Catholic Church pay health insurance for these people?!

I assume the 181.00 he had on his person, which was mostly ones, came from the donation thing that you church folk get sucked into when you go. Oh, and I reeeeeeeaaaallly wanted to make a stripper joke about the ones.

And lastly, I think I saved myself from God talk by making it really awkward for him and everyone in earshot. WOOOT!


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Dec 10, 2007
so ill
did my response get cut? anyway i was just wondering why, why i think of a 6'3" guy with a 3 day growth of beard wearing a nun's outfit. and the worst, the worst was the meds that you paid for were to take care of a sexually transmitted disease...

anyway, bumpusmagnus, it was great of you. that is serious. i am happy that you got to do that for someone. i know it makes you feel good when you can help out. thanks for a smile from my thoughts and the thought that you helped someone out!

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