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So, I was really freakin' worried about going back to work. There are sooo many rookies, all of the workers I know got detailed out, and I was especially worried about some other female take my spot! I mean shit! I have been the number one producing bitch in the district for almost the last 5 years! I like my spot light! I worked hard for it!
It's needless to say the transition went pretty smooth, everyone that was there before I left welcomed me back with open arms. Some rookies aked me who I was , while others looked at me like they had more time on... I GOT TIME ON MUTHA FUCKAS! FUCK THAT SWAT_FETUS HAS MORE TIME ON THEN YOU (shes already been in three pursuits)!
I got thrown in a car by myself which was great (I was a little nervous because I hadn't been there in so long) and I didn't miss a beat.
One of the parks on my ghey ass quiet beat has gotten out of hand with drunks. I rolled up on the shit and there are 20 mofo's having a party in the park!? WTF is this shit!? I HATE CRACKHEADS! I politely asked everyone to leave and they did so except for one flamming ass mite; to make a long story short he kept falling over and calling me a bitch... He kept falling over... and he did try to swing on me... so he kept falling over.... Drunk fucker ended up going to the hospital. It was the hospital or Jail... Tis okay!
Anyway my new fat girl pants fit pretty good. Im going to avoid getting a new duty belt but that one sure was tight last night! I pulled the wrong shirt out of the closet which was also to tight! I felt like the incredible fucking hulk! **FLEX**

Time for my morning cigarette!

Later gators!


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in the spirt of of sound.....RAWWWERRR....glad to hear your day went good and I do hope your happy working again..dont that that one female think she is hot shit your didnt work hard beating people with phone books and runnin red lights for nothing taken the number one spot is tough work and everybody is always out to get you once your there


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i am not sure swat_fetus counts officially as having been in pursuits..... that might lead to swat_twinkleineye filing for workers comp if something goes amiss and does not get to become swat_eggyolk.....

i can sympathize with the smaller shirts, mine kept shrinking..... then the ever so "if you can't be big, wear smaller shirts" chief ordered me med. i wear 18.5 x 35 on a slim day...and they havent been here in a while.....

glad to hear you are back in blue and lovin' it still.......
if you arent the lead dog the view never changes.................... u # 1 in our books


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Dec 9, 2007
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It still feels strange... Although I haven't missed a beat I can't seem to find my groove. I used to be a shit magnet (I didn't have to look for trouble), but now I can't even find it when I do look.
We will see how it all pans out.