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  1. Streamers

    Anyone else stream besides hunter, speedbump, and I?
  2. Life away from the monitor

    Anyone have other hobbies that dont include a computer? Mine are cooking, reading, art, music, guitars, and most of
  3. Reroll

    What's your view on it so far?
  4. World of tanks or Warthunder

    Anyone here play them?
  5. The dog is back in town!

    I have finally got everything I need to build an intel rig. i7-4770 asus b85m-g motherboard 16gis of cosair vengeance gaming ram coolermaster 750w gx power supply samsung 840 evo ssd (for os) windows 7 home premium (64 bit) corsair hydro series cooler geforce gtx 760 grpahics card coolermaster...
  6. New info on DayZ standalone.

    This just popped up and figured I would share it with yall.
  7. RTS Games

    Does anyone play any RTS games like Company of Heroes or Men of War?
  8. Where Iv'e been

    Sorry for not being on over the last few days boys, I lost my mind Thursday night and ended up in a mental health institution til today. Email if you want to know more.
  9. ARMA on sale on steam

    If you were thinking about getting the game to join me, bear, glock, and cdn, nows the time. It's part of steam's autum sale and is listed for $17.99. You really can't beat that price!
  10. Heroes and Generals Beta

    I got invited to stress test a sever for this game. It looks like a RTSFPS. If you are into WWII games or strategy games, sign up at
  11. Company of Heroes RTS for windows up for grabs

    Bought the entire collection on steam today so i really don't need the physical copies of company of heroes and the expansion opposing front. anyone wants them, shoot me a message.
  12. Steam Users

    Hope no ones minds but I made a group page on Steam. Look for S.W.A.T. Internet Gaming Group (SWAT_I.G.G.) in the Group Search. If you guys do not like this idea, let me know and I'll take it down.
  13. Life/career change in the works

    It looks like I have been given a second chance at making something out of myself. As of Recently my position in the Fabrication Dept at work will be cut down to having a a few people and my number was picked to have my position eliminated. My employer has offered me a different position in the...
  14. Diablo 3

    Anyone got it or getting it?
  15. Real Time Strategy

    Anyone play of them? I recently picked up Company of Heroes with Opposing Fronts expansion, Axis and Allies and planning I picking up a few more down the road.
  16. Ello Moto

    Figured I'd come in and introduce myself. Friends call me Big ole Dog on the count that it's been my gamertag for xbox live for years. I finally got back into PC games mainly to get away from all the riffraff on the consoles. Currently ARMA II is the only game I have for the pc besides starcraft...